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Stein (work in progress)

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1Stein (work in progress) Empty Stein (work in progress) on Tue Dec 16, 2014 5:33 am

Name Stein

Månen danser: a katana design to help control the berserker semblance
Combat knife strap on his left arm

Height 5'8
Blonde hair
Green eyes
Scar along the left side of his face
Tattoo along his left arm
Long sleeve back tshirt
Long black pants
Black trench coat
Red scarf

Stein was born in a little town on the boarder of Vale and atlas with a curse the berserker semblance as most of the men are though when discover that the child has the semblance gets sealed by the father unfortunately his father got killed on a mission. When he was 10 his older sister got kill In faunas protest turned violent she was killed by a man that stein refers to as the man with the dragon tattoo. In memory of her he wears the red scarf she wore all the time. 7 years later he still hunting down the man with the dragon tattoo and his quest has led to to Garth and now Beacon but little does he that when he finds the man he will have a choice to make and what to do about his semblance.

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2Stein (work in progress) Empty Re: Stein (work in progress) on Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:57 pm

Keep it up it's good.

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