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Grimm idea

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1Grimm idea Empty Grimm idea on Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:32 am

I would like thoughts on this grimm species idea. Slagatra means bat in Swedish.
Vlad slagatra

The Slagatra is a small almost powerless bat grimm when it forms, however it is incredibly dangerous if it grows.
It has the abnormal ability to seemingly vanish for short periods of time making it able to survive much better
then most grimm. It also tends to stick to around one person, feeding off their emotions and their aura while
they sleep. Another ability it has is to morph itself into a human like creature while it is clearly not human
or faunus it gains more fighting abilities.

It starts very small and is mostly harmless in it's early stages,A child with a stick could kill it.
Even if you do agitate it the creature won't attack normally. As it grows it will get stronger and stronger,
while weak in early stages it has better potential then almost all grimm. These things are also smart, avoiding
fights so it has time to feed and grow, in all it's stages it knows when it can strike and when it shouldn't.

Now to discuss it's cloaking ability. It can vanish in a puff of smoke after a 2 second delay time, during this
time the Grimm is very weak and open to attacks. It can still be tracked though, you can see it's shadow and
it can still be heard.

Their tendency to hang around one person is odd to say the least. They use their invisibility to feed off of them
and consume their negative feelings and aura while their host sleeps and even when they are awake sometimes.
The Vlad slagatra does this too live as long as possible, they eventually grow powerful enough to kill their host.
They often kill their host after several years, or until they see no further use for them. If one such grimm finds
a better host it will attempt to kill it's previous host as to harvest as much as possible before moving to the new

It's attacks in battle change depending on form. When in it's bat form it has three attacks, an aura sucking bite,
a sonic screech, and a gust attack. In it's humanoid form it gains any attack the average human could. But it does
have more moves then that; it can extend it's arms out like a whip, morph it's misty body into a shiled, and it learns
other attacks based on what they grow around. It cannot be seen through mirrors when it's visable however it does cast
a reflection when it is invisable.

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2Grimm idea Empty did I do this right? on Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:35 am

Wait did I post this in the right place?

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3Grimm idea Empty Re: Grimm idea on Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:34 pm

Should probably be in concepts. I like the idea though

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4Grimm idea Empty Grimm on Thu Dec 25, 2014 8:20 pm

Your Grimm sound like a formidable one I would like to face it one day.

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