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The Rules (Enforced by Zwei)

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1The Rules (Enforced by Zwei) Empty The Rules (Enforced by Zwei) on Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:59 am

Failure to follow the rules will result in:
First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Temp ban (Time depends on rule broken)
Third Offense: Perma ban

If we find you making a new account to get around any of these enforcements, it will instantly result in an IP ban, no questions asked.

1. Be friendly. This is a place to have fun, not to vent your frustrations.

2. No bunnying. This means you may not take control of other people's characters unless they give you express permission via PM.

3. Canon Characters are off limits. No, Sai Crescent may not have an affair with Blake Belladonna. All canon characters and plot lines are things occurring on the side and your character has nothing to do with them. Note that certain school-wide events such as the teaming up do include your characters. these are the only exceptions.

4. No sex. Relationships are ok, but when the door closes it fades to black.
If there are enough requests there will be an added R rated section for adults, but there will be a careful screening process.

5. No killing. Yes your characters may fight, but you may not directly kill another character. On the other hand, no Deus ex Machina. If your character gets into a fight that they cannot win and someone doesn't bail them out, they will die. So no bullettime reactions please.

6. Have fun! Don't get stressed out over what is happening. We're all just here to enjoy ourselves.

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