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Orwell Onikisu

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1Orwell Onikisu Empty Orwell Onikisu on Thu Dec 25, 2014 8:16 pm

Name: Orwell Onikisu


Gender: Male

Species: Faunus

Symbol: A Broken Compass covered with shards of glass.

Alignment: Good, Leader of team OPAL.

Appearance: Orwell is a young man that stands at 5"9' (5"11' if you count his Fox ears). Handsome save for a scar across his face that he got from a fight with a Beowolf. He wears a black long sleeved shirt open in at the collar with a light blue shirt lace, teal vest loaded with magazines of Dust rounds, around his neck is a teal collar. Black jeans and black tabi boots black fingerless gloves woven with Purple Dust. On the whole Orwell looks rather inconspicuous.

History(Narrated in his words.) "I don't remember most of of my early life my mother and father are pretty much a haze. So I will start with what I remember most and that is my recruitment in to General Steel's private army. I was about five years old when Steel brought me along with other Faunus and Humans to an underground base a place known as the Academy where we were trained and drilled day in and day out in military tactics, hand to hand combat and the basics of life you know math, reading, grammar things like that."

"Every so often I and my friends operated on with direct Dust fusion, one of the more archaic applications of Dust and probably the most painful as you have it fused to your body, and it wasn't always a successful operation. All of it was to make us the ultimate soldiers. For a new world order." He pauses and rubs his arms as if to ward of the pain of the past. You decide to ask for other details about his life.

"Hmmm, well I did have friends but we really didn't do much for fun aside from training and making fun of people that were ahead of us. But there was one girl that I had never been seen before said she was visiting with her father who was one of the scientists on the project she taught me how to play 'go fish' and I taught her some basics how to fighting with a Jo staff. I think that was the most fun I had in my life at the time. Her name is Pearl Skye and she is my best friend."

"She never came back to the Academy and a good thing to because a bout a month later the Academy was attacked and taken but I and a few others in my platoon were taken away by a Captain Ember a man that for some reason hated my kind, the Faunus. He took us to battle arena that he ran. Compared to the Academy the ring was hell.

"Ember Brand and his men beat us, starved us, abused in every why you could imagine and when he broke us, they collared us and turned us into killing machines when they came off and the sick thing was we would kill each other and other Faunus for the amusement of others."

He wiped a tears from his from his eyes. "No I'll be alright, um I escaped from Ember during a match I was fighting Beowolves when I had pushed my Aura to it's limit so I decided to push it father than it could go and as a result I got this scar and I really don't remember what happened but when it was over I was out in the wilderness outside of Vale with the clothes on my back and a collar in my fist so I put it on the collar and made my way to Vale."

"Well to make a long story short I met a man that took me off the streets and brought my education up to speed even got me into Signal so I could forge my Wayfaring Redemption and put me with a team that have become my closest friends no they are more my family and that brings to here but time we'll tell if I live happily ever after."

Personality: Orwell has childlike innocence about him yet he is mature to some degree. He is slow to trust anyone at first and because of that he comes off as shy but behind that he is a funny friendly guy. Orwell is a bit of a joker and will laugh along with any gag up to a point but if it goes to far or if the joke strikes a little to close to home then he's get very serious. His temper is average one he can take a lot before he has had his full and when he snaps he either goes and lets his anger out on a training bag or if he gets in an argument he won't pull any punches with his words but later he'll be the first to apologize. Orwell thinks that most combat schools are a waste of time for him since he has more experience then his classmates or his team but he goes to bulid up his social skills. His fighting style is well rounded and he can switch between attack and defense easily whether it is with his weapon or with the dust in his body or his bare hands.

Strengths: Orwell is a natural leader and is a well rounded fighter flexible and has excellent endurance.

Weakness: Orwell does not like to sacrifice his friends and can get hung up on what to do if things get to that point he will sacrifice himself to protect his friends If his Collar is removed in battle he will go in to berserk mode and won't stop until the collar to put back on or the enemy is dead or if he gets incapacitated.

Aura: Teal

Semblance: Temporal Clone: Because of his training Orwell can read an opponents moves then attack with clone combos or retreat using a clone to take the hit and then counter however if he uses it too much to soon his aura will drain quickly until he is forced to retreat.
Please note that he can not see in to the future there are times he has dodged into an attack before.


Name:Wayfaring Redemption

Primary Mode: From Stand-by pushes the safety all the way down and it converts from fold away mode to a white Jo staff about 4.5 ft in length conceals a straight blade about a 3 ft in length. The button is located just above the hilt if Orwell is not holding on to the hilt the sword can be fired from it's scabbard but this he prefers not to do this in the heat of battle once the sword is released he fights with both scabbard and sword.

Secondary Mode: From stand-by mode Orwell flips a switch that is parallel to the safety that activates the high powered highly customizable assault rifle.

Stand-by mode: Wayfaring folds up so Orwell can carry it on his back or on his hip.

Also Wayfaring Redemption fires custom made Fire/Earth Ice/Gravity and Grav/Fire rounds.

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