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Kreviden Althei

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Kreviden Althei Mystyl10

Name: Kreviden Althei
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral with some minor Good tendencies
Appearance: Kreviden is a man of middling build and middling temperament, being five feet and eleven inches in height and weighing around one hundred and seventy pounds, usually bearing a very bored and uninterested expression as though he was always very busily and emphatically not giving a damn what you think, mister "oh look at me with my weapon skills and fancy jumps and blehbaddy blah bleh".  He prefers to wear darker shades, with "prefer" here meaning that if one should attempt to force him to wear anything else they may be very liable to end up with bits missing by the end of the endeavor around the same time as they are given the opportunity to realize just how stupid their decision was.  Along with darker, "heavier" colors, he prefers to wear clothes of a more weighty variety, liking things to be at least half an inch thick and weighing him down to the point that he feels like he might float off whenever he is made to wear anything lighter such as the sheer silk nonsense that some of the richer folk seem to like so much.  Around his neck he wears two separate necklaces, one best described as "tribal" comprised of a thin strip of leather and a few beast fangs, and another bearing a fairly large, dark, crimson crystal; one necklace from each of his parents, with the more tribal one coming from his late father, a Hunter in life, and the crystal being from his mother, whose job has remained incomprehensible to Kreviden through the entirety of his life to the extent that he's stopped bothering to try; all he knows is that it keeps her busy most of the day and frequently involves her not coming home until the small hours of the night if at all.

Description of Weapon: Everyone always has to have a weapon of some kind these days, guns and scythes and gun-scythes all about and a lot of wasted effort.  As far as Kreviden is concerned you all can convince yourselves that he has a book for his weapon; it's not really, but it's about all he keeps on his person that could be such a thing.
Aura: A faint, whispy grey that seems almost like mist curling around his body.
Semblance: Sacrifice: Kreviden is gifted with the ability to utilize his Aura as a weapon of some potency, being able to project it in various forms, be it tiny walls of force or spears of energy, and the occasional violent explosion.  However, he suffers from the usual effects of overusing his Aura, and has only a small amount more than the norm.
Anything Else: For those curious why he's attempting to be a Hunter in spite of his large amount of contempt for humanity; he actually likes humans.  He just has a searing hatred of overevolved monkeys claiming to be humans.

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