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Lightning Smith

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1Lightning Smith Empty Lightning Smith on Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:55 am

Name: Lightning Marie Smith
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance: A slender built, five foot six inch tall female who enjoys the rush of battle. Her build generally helps her get around in tight situations and allows her to move quicker than the average person, but not extraordinarily so. Her eyes are dark green and her hair falls to her lower back, but she keeps it pinned up for her to keep from getting in her way. Being a bit messy with her hair, most of the time she won't get all of the strains into the bun. Lightning's normal attire is sleeveless or T-shirts under a sleeveless vest with a tall collar. Most of her shirts are brown or darker colored while her vest is a deep red with a black outline. When she feels like things will get tough, instead of her vest, she wears a different vest that is blue with several pockets. In the pockets, she has a few vials of dust. The normal vials she has are filled with red dust and brown. Sometimes she have a bit of blue, but she rarely finds herself using it.
Description of Weapon: Wings of the Fallen. Her weapon is a pair of blades that attach to her wrists via a metal wristband. The blades curl in on the side her arm so the tip is three inches from her elbow. For this reason, she straps a thin piece of metal on her elbows to keep them from getting scratched up. At the wristband are two important device-like things. The first is a cylinder that goes up under her arm and into the palm of her hand comfortably. On the top of the cylinder is a button that, when pushed, re-positions the blades. They pop upward to the blade is outward from her hand and it turns so the tip of the blade doesn't scrap against her skin and the tip faces the sky. In this form, the blades are outward for her to pierce foes. When bringing back into there first form, she must manually do so. The second piece that is important is a small bulge of metal that sits under her arm as well. This opens up and allows Lightning to place vials of dust inside. A small needle pierces the stopper and begins taking out the dust from the vial for use of her semblance.
Aura: red with a tan outer layer, the red is hard to see under the tan.
Semblance: When using the dust she has in her vest, she can place the vials into her weapon and "liquefy" the dust in a sense. When activating her semblance, the dust that goes into her weapon flows through into the blades which hold a crease down the edge. Depending on the dust, she can have her blades do different things to her foes. This ability doesn't work when her blades are stretched outward because the dust isn't free to flow through it.
Blue Dust- When this is sent through the blade, when an opponent is struck, the wound slowly begins to freeze. When struck several time, it can dampen an opponents movement. If left untreated (water will dilute and treat the injury on its own), the foe is likely to get frostbitten in a couple of hours or half an hour depending on how many times the opponent is struck.
Brown Dust- No offensive use. This vial, when inserted, will reinforce the blades, making them harder to break and easier to block heavy attacks with. When this dust isn't used, unless Lightning uses her aura(which takes more effort), her blades are likely to break if she has to block instead of dodge an attack.
Red Dust- This one is the one she uses most. When struck, the foe begins to experience second degree burns whenever cut by the blade which over the course of a couple hours if not treated will end up causing worse burns. Like Blue dust, the dust can be washed out from causing more damage, but will not heal wounds from being washed out.
Lightning is unable to use more than one vial every hour and is unable to use this on other weapons since hers is designed to compliment her power. The blade is easy to fix when given the right materials and the proper amount of time to repair.
Anything Else: She enjoys the thrill of battle and will train whenever she has time.

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2Lightning Smith Empty Re: Lightning Smith on Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:58 am

Lightning Smith Untitl11

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I like her Welcome to the group Lighting!

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