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1Elsewhere... Empty Elsewhere... on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:44 am

While students prepared to sleep at beacon, others were not so peaceful. Some had plans to attack the team formation event, others bided their time, but tonight was a night of planning, and tonight thing would be set into motion that could not be rescinded.

(Evil characters not at the academy or Neutral characters not at the academy describe your actions here.)

Raquai and Hijai sat in a cabin deep in the forest, a glowing dust perimeter warding off Grimm. Raquai polished his whip, removing the blood and fingerprints it had been coated with the day before, along with the powdered dust which tended to gather on it. Hijai cleaned the barrel of her dust launcher. They sat in an unbroken silence until...



Why don't we go to the academy with other students? couldn't we do more damage from the inside?"

"Perhaps, but then our abilities would be known. By striking from the shadows we increase the element of surprise. And with each hidden strike, our enemies are weakened."

"Ah" Hijai transformed her weapon and began cleaning the blades of her axe." We're going to break them tomorrow aren't we?"

"Likely not, merely remind them that they cannot silence shadow."

A Grimm howled in the night and they fell silent.

Hijai motioned to Raquai she would take first watch and he nodded, laying down near the pile of red crystals and falling asleep.

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