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Posting Guidelines

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1Posting Guidelines Empty Posting Guidelines on Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:23 pm

This has spawned from a number of requests for guidance on how to make a post. When posting, there are a few guidelines one ought to follow.

1. Be sure that you are doing what your character ought to be doing rather then post on reflex. If your character has their back turned to something, do not take your out of game knowledge as a writer to make your character is not surprised by whatever is behind their back.

2. DO NOT place other characters or objects from where they are not. You are operating in a physical world and the natural laws still apply. There will not always be a crate for you to throw conveniently whenever you need it. In the same vein, do not place other people's characters places where they are not. Only interact with characters that are already established to be in the room.

3. PHYSICS! THEY APPLY! Every time you do not take the weight of something into account when making a post, a member of the RWBY team cries.

4. Grammar. Need I say more?

5. Apparently I do. GRAMMAR!!!

More of these shall be added where required.

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