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Price Redwood

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1Price Redwood Empty Price Redwood on Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:49 pm

Price Redwood Screen13


Name: Price Redwood

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Symbol: Brown Eagle Talon with Long Claws

Alignment: Good(Beacon Student, 2nd year)

Appearance: Price is a young man who has a slightly tanned look, similar to a long couple months in the sun. He stands at 5’11” and has a wiry build, making him look weak, but in reality is more dexterous and powerful than he looks. His hair is a nice brown color and is long enough to reach the center of his shoulder blades. His bangs are long, but usually swept over to the right, almost covering his right eye. His eyes, a coal black in color, give off a rebellious look, one where you can’t tell if he’s joking with you or being serious. He keeps a scruff of a beard on his face which is accompanied by a mustache of the same thickness. His attire is very relaxed in style and material. He wears a loose black tank top shirt underneath a brown button up shirt. The over shirt is buttoned up 3/4th of the way, exposing his tank top and his collar. The shirt sleeves are rolled up to about his elbow, exposing his forearms. The button shirt, seemingly as loose on him as his tank top, is actually somewhat fitted to his shoulders and his arms, allowing for mobility, but not causing the fabric to be caught on most things. The hem of the over shirt is untucked and slightly worn. Price wears black denim jeans that seem slightly baggy. The pants themselves are not quite baggy by the waist, but more so around the knees and below. They fit him well enough that they aren’t sliding off of him, but still feel comfortable enough to walk and fight in. his shoes, a dual colored black and red, are sneakers that feel comfortable and give a lot of traction so he very rarely slips. His gloves, which are most likely the only things that fit snuggly, are black knuckle gloves made with cotton and polyester. The backs of each are embellished with his symbol. The gloves themselves have no fingers and only cover the base knuckle of each finger on either hand. The bottom of each glove reaches to just under the wrist, and forms well enough to his wrists that he has no trouble moving them to either write or fight. Despite whatever he wears, however, there always seems to be something in his pockets. This something is his pack of cigarettes and a lighter, which he always keeps on him.

History: Price was born in Vacuo to a mom who tried to pretend he didn’t exist and a father who left him at age 5. His parents weren’t even married when he was conceived, and their marriage only happened because he was going to be born. With that said, he was the one problem that neither parent wanted. During his early stages, he was taken care of by his mother’s family. By the time he was 4, however, he was used to the constant bickering and fighting of his two parents. A year later, his father decided that his distain for his wife was more than his desire to help his son, and left. Price was devastated, naturally, but his mother couldn’t be any happier. She was so happy, in fact, that she spent all her money on extravagant decorations and useless object. Her money spending addiction would be her downfall though, as she eventually didn’t have enough to feed her son and herself. So she did what she thought was right and completely ignored her child. By the time Price was 8, his mother didn’t even look at him, not that he much cared. By this time he was used to living on his own. His grandparents and friends did what they could to help, so altogether he was well off. It was this time that he met his friend Dylan. Dylan, like himself, was very good at getting into trouble. There was one difference though. Dylan was a Lynx faunus. The two would find themselves in varying degrees of danger over the next 5 years, and they grew up to be like brothers. But it was getting to the time to decide where they wanted to go with their lives. Both boys thought long and hard about it, and they both knew what they’d do. They decided that they would become huntsmen. They talked about where they would go and what they would do, but where Dylan didn’t have any thoughts of leaving, Price thought about leaving Vacuo. It was a nice place, but he needed something more. Not long after, though, his father got word to him that he was in Vale and would like to see his son. He soon decided where to go. Saying a teary farewell to his best friend and his grandparents, and without a word to his mother, Price went off to Vale to stay with his father. This proved to be the best thing he could have done with his life. After all these years, Price learned, his father was not only well, but prospering. He regretted leaving his son, and after learning about what Price’s mother did, decided that he needed to contact Price. After a few months, Price decided to tell his father his plans, and to his surprise, his father encouraged him and even helped him enter Signal. Through his years at Signal, his father helped him develop his place with his friends, creating a sort of safe haven for him and his friends. Once Price decided on a weapon and forged it, his father told him his history as a huntsmen. Price learned that his father had attended Haven and become a huntsmen for a long time. The two decided it would be a good idea for Price and his father to spar for practicing Price’s new weapons, Steel Kiss. This continued until Price was accepted into Beacon. With his father’s blessing, he went off and joined the ranks of Beacon’s huntsmen in training.

Personality: Price is a very mellow and laid back guy with almost endless amounts of sarcastic remarks and more than a bit of a rebellious streak. He is always the first to smile about something and usually has something positive to say to people. He also seems to always be the first to crack a joke at someone’s expense- his own included. But underneath this lax behavior is Price’s well held anger. Price will bottle up any negative emotion until his breaking point, be it irritation, rage, or even depression. His breaking usually explodes into anger that is unintentionally directed towards someone at random, though usually one of his friends. When he just meets someone, he tends to just be himself with no thought of sugar coating his words. Price has a sailor’s mouth and isn’t afraid of showing it. People may think he’s not taking a liking to them since he cusses at them a bit, but really he doesn’t care one way or the other. People who get his humor, however, tend to stick around longer. In school, he takes his studies leniently. Since he was never a “school” person, he always seems to be slacking off in any area of study that doesn’t interest him. This usually means history and sciences, but he has an unnatural dislike for geography. His best and most well maintained courses are centered on fighting and Grimm studies. On the battlefield he is not that different as he is off the battlefield. He constantly jokes around with his team and his fighting style is lax. He constantly taunts the opponent. However, he does have his serious moments. Against a fairly powerful foe, he gets serious and his fighting style contracts into a very fast and fluid assault.

Strengths: Price is a fast runner and has good cardio endurance due to the nature of his weapons. He is flexible and agile, and is fairly likable.

Weakness: He’s very susceptible to tank-ish fighters, and if he gets halted in his attacks, it’s difficult for him to retaliate. His comments are sometimes insensitive and his angry outbursts are random. He tends to make people think he’s on top of things when he’s really floundering.

Aura Color: Tan

Semblance: Wind Manipulation: Price is able to control the direction of gusts of wind and increase the power of said wind to use for defense or offense. Anything that can be picked up or blown aside by a gust or blast of wind can be affected by this. The strengths of the gusts range from dirt and grains of sand to small rocks and wood, to the mighty power to stagger a human. However, this semblance is affected by the activity of the wind. The stronger the natural wind around him, the stronger the winds he makes. The key to this semblance is that it focuses several gusts of wind into one more powerful gust. To help him, he uses wind cartridge dust ammunition. This semblance cannot pick up a person nor any heavy objects. Anything that can pierce heavy winds will also have more of an effect than things that cannot. Price must use his hands for the manipulation; for smaller winds, he can use just one hand, but for the stronger winds, he must use both. The benefit here is that he can play a support role as well as an aggressor role. He can knock aside a wide weapon with a gust of wind so as to deflect a blow, he can use this wind to disorient and daze people by using dirt or sand to blind them, and pebbles carried on this wind can have a more powerful impact. Note, Price cannot fly with his semblance.


Name: Steel Kiss

Primary Form: This is a paired set with a single name. The main fighting form is a four blades in the form of claws protruding over the four knuckles. There is a steel plate about 1/8th inch in thickness and extends just slightly past the knuckles of a clenched fist. The blades are anchored to a block mechanism which houses the three pistol barrels which extend roughly half an inch from the block. The barrels are located between the blades of the claws, which would be between the knuckles. The block the blades and barrels are attached to is the magazine for the pistols, and holds five rounds for each barrel. The block is two inches in height and spans the whole back of the hand. Also coming from the sides of this block are two supports for a handle. This handle has triggers for the barrels, one button under the index, middle, and ring fingers, and provides more control when using the claws. The supports are straight, one coming off the blade of the hand, and the other between the thumb and index finger. This handle can be lifted up above the knuckles, right in front of the metal plate, to allow grip without something hindering the palm. The supports can extend to easily pass the fingertips for this to happen. The handle is capable of attaining 360 degree movement upon the pivot point, minus the restrictions of the arm.

Secondary Form: At the press of another button, which is located by the thumb, the block magazine can pivot vertically 180 degrees to protect the forearm. The supports for the handle are also located on this pivot point and are unaffected by the transition. While in this form, Price can block incoming attacks, catch weaponry inside the blades and trap it, and with the handle pushed up, grasp better and rotate the wrist freely. This also is useful for fist fighting, as the metal plate acts as the first point of contact, and the pistols can be fired backwards to increase momentum of the punch.

Tertiary Form: This is the non-combat form. The blades and barrels retract into the block in a telescoping manor. The handle is rotated back behind the block magazine and secured. This is considered its “away” position. The way to return it to the primary fighting form is simple. Price simple pops the handle out of the locked state with his thumbs, using the opposite thumb and rotating his hands in a manner that allows him to use both thumbs simultaneously. From here, the handle can be whipped into place with a quick forward and down motion while the palms are facing downward. This will extend the handle to its full length, which is just before the tips of the finger when they are fully straightened, and allows Price to grip the handle in one fluid motion. On the handle is a pressure plate, located against the palm. One squeeze will extend the blades and barrels and unlock the ammunition for use. This same plate is the one used to retract the blades, but must be used in conjunction with a switch, located on the handle against the outside of the pinkie finger. While this switch is active, the blades cannot be retracted or extended. This switch acts as a safety lock in case of accidental pushing of the pressure plate.

Other Weapon Information: The bullet types Price uses are concussion shells and wind cartridges. The shells will provide chances for stagger and are the main ammunition. Price will switch to his wind cartridges when he is using his semblance. The cartridges are not used for damage, but to create a breeze that Price can manipulate.

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I like it. Actually, look to your PM box in the next few days.

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